Valeur Ajoutée;
The added value of music / De toegevoegde waarde van muziek
The Added Value of Music
De toegevoegde waarde van muziek
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The Added Value of Music

Music and Organization

(For me) music and organization have very much in common. To learn and understand organizations, I do think you can learn from music.  You can recognize the parameters of music in any organization:  rhythm in work-cycles, time-management and change; melody in organizations’ mission; harmony in cooperation & leadership; timbre in culture & HRM and form in organization structure and/or performance, etc. 

To illustrate the relation between music and business organization, I introduced the idea of Valeur Ajoutée. Valeur Ajoutée has a double meaning: it is a musical concept, developed by Olivier Messiaen, but it is also an business concept, namely the concept of adding value. In my opinion, Valeur Ajoutée is the connection between Music and Organization and it expresses the added value of music itself and the value for organizations as well.

To help managers and employees to deal with uncertainties, development and change, music can be an unorthodox but powerful medium. There are some good examples of the use musical metaphors. Musical processes and musical behaviour are used successfully in teambuilding sessions and kick-offs. There are strong parallels between music and leadership. Emotions, expressed by music, can be used in processes of organization development and change, to help people to deal with their feelings. But there is little scientific research done in this particular domain and therefore there is little evidence for the added value of music. 

From a multi-disciplinair point of vue, I'll bring together literature, concepts, interesting practices and (re)presentations in music and artworks on the subject of Music and Organization. 

Who am I?

My name is Geerte van den Wildenberg. I am a music teacher and a music therapist, but I have also a background in business administration (MScBA). Since January 2012 I am working on a PhD-researchproposal on Music and Organization at the Graduate School of the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht.
 In my research I want to examine the  music and ideas of John Cage and how these ideas can be used in organization theory and the aesthetic organizationWith the results of my research, I hope to make a scientific contribution to what is known about music and its power and possibilities for organizations and the people working in it. I appreciate it, if you will answer my questionnaire.

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 Inspired by the Music. Notations 21. T.Sauer (2009)  

The main text of this site is in Dutch. I am working on an English version of it, which will be published as soon as possible.